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Welcome to Robert and Anna’s Wedding website.

We are so thrilled to announce our engagement! The wedding will be on June 10th 2006 Robert and I feel so blessed to have found each other and be planning our lives together.

Greetings from El Batsa and Rosemary in Ghana   / El Batsa Adjirackor (visitor)
We are sweet partners and we appreciate you greatly and will like us to friends together.May the good Lord bless you in your marriage with everything you needs to keep you going well.Hope to hear from you soon.Bye
together  / Marissa Sandate (a passer by )
Well hopefully ya'll enjoy ya'lls lives together. Ya'll look so cute together.
Love  / Colleen (Passerby)
I wish you both a long life together one that is full of laughter and love.
You have just begun to write a beautiful story. Your engagement the first chapter in what will one day be a novel. Cherish both the ups and downs and y...  Continue >>
Can't wait to celebrate   / Lynda And Steve
Anna, I am so happy for the both of you and I am glad you two found one another. It is obvious that when I see the two of you together that you are meant for each other. Tom and I are so excited to be there on your special day. It is going to be beau...  Continue >>
Congratulations  / Aunty Bev
You guys are so sweet :) Thanks for sharing the great photos and happy moments. We are so glad that you've found each other. Everything is so beautifully made here, we truely feel love, joy and blessings on you as a couple. Happiness Forever!!
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Speeches & Vows
Wedding Vows  
We are planning on writing our own special vows…. Check back for updates. If any of you had unique wedding vows please post them in our guest book or email us. We are looking for creative ideas!
How we met - Anna's story  
Robert and Anna met in January 2004. Robert was out with his friends at a local club. Anna was out with her girlfriends celebrating her 21st birthday at the same time. They caught each other's eye and that was it. She fell in love with him and he with her. From that night on they were virtually inseparable and now are soon to be married.
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Our Engagement Photo
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